Describe a situation when you were under pressure at work. (How would you handle the pressure at work?)

A tough interviewing panel waiting for personal banker job candidates. Two women and three men, all in black jacketsPersonal banker is not one of the most stressful jobs in the world. One the other hand, some banks will set sales volume targets for personal bankers, or even a minimum number of clients you should serve each day (especially in big banking centers). The targets are not easy to meet, which results in the pressure on the workplace.  

Try to convince us that you know how to prioritize your tasks, and that the pressure, or heavy workload, won’t affect you much in your daily job. You can even say that you work better when feeling some pressure, that pressure helps your motivation and productivity.

Sample answers

I know how to stay calm under pressure, and I do not feel stressed when the workload is heavy. As you can see I am not stressed now, though this interview is important to me, and I want to get this job. In my last job in retail their expected a lot from us, but I did not panic, and simply tried my best every day in work.

My last job was quite stressful. We had to achieve sales targets and the entire department was under pressure. To be honest, I do not like such a stressful environment and that is the reason why I applied for a job of a personal banker, after working for three years in that corporation. I know that the workload is heavy also here, but it differs, because here the client makes the first move, coming to the bank. In my previous job we had to make cold calls, and the selling was very difficult.

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