Give an example of a time you made a point to go above and beyond with customer service.

A good applicant for any customer service or sales position should strive to go above and beyond for their customers. Tell the interviewers that you use every opportunity to deliver an excellent service to the clients.

Your attitude is more important than the exact situation you will talk about. Show us that you care, that you understand the importance of an excellent customer service. Let’s have a look at some answers:

Sample answers

Young lady is preparing for her personal banker interview, checkiong some common questions on her laptopI consider it my duty to always do my best for every customer. For example, in my last job in a retail store, I always called a friend, an expert in the area of electronics, when a customer asked me a specific question which I couldn’t answer. The customers appreciated the extra effort, and I also felt good.

I always try to exceed the expectations of my customers. For me it is a matter of personal satisfaction. Once I visited a customer at home, outside of my working hours, to explain them the advantages of our mortgage plan. They were a young family and they could not make it to the bank in the opening hours. I decided to visit them in the evening, which really impressed them.


What to say if you never went above and beyond

Two people discuss ideas in an interview for a customer service positionApplying for your very first job, you can say what you would do to please your customers.

And if you had other jobs before, but never went above and beyond for the clients (for whatever reason), you can try and make something up, searching inspiration in your own shopping experience, in an exceptional service you received somewhere.

Most likely you did something extraordinary (or at least wanted to do), you just can not remember the situation. In such a case it is perfectly all right to use your imagination, and show us that you have the right attitude to the job.

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