What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

People in an interview in a bank, they are having a good time, smiling. Two women and one man are on the picture, all of them wearing business outfitsNobody likes to talk about their weaknesses, especially when they try to get a job in a bank.

But the question is not as difficult as most people consider it to be.

You should simply talk about strengths that are relevant for the job, and weaknesses that are not essential for a role of a personal banker. Let me help you with your choice.

Good strengths:

  • communication skills (essential for any position in a bank, except of janitor)
  • social skills (help a lot to develop the right connection with the prospects)
  • listening skills (a good banker is a good listener before anything else)
  • ability to uncover the needs of the client (help a lot to propose the right deal)
  • computer skills (you won’t avoid working with computers in your new job)
  • sales skills (self explanatory, may be tested with a role play in your interview)
  • observation skills (help with identifying sales opportunities)
  • charisma (everything is easier if people are attracted to you)
  • loyalty to your employer (banks do not like to see their bankers go after few months or a year)

Good weaknesses to mention:

  • over-friendly to clients (can be easily considered a strength by some recruiters)
  • impatient in job (always closing the deal, again it can be considered a strength by certain interviewers)
  • weak management skills (you won’t manage anyone, so it doesn’t matter)
  • perfectionist (can be harmful when you experience a bad streak (series of rejections), but it isn’t a showstopper in the interview)
  • inability to make decisions independently (you will learn everything in your training, so once again this isn’t a showstopper)
  • bad shape (physical condition, not important for a sedentary job in a bank)
  • lack of leadership skills


Excellent employees strive to improve on their weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. However, good job candidates are ready to admit their weaknesses, understand how they relate to their ability to handle the job, and try to improve on abilities that actually matter in a bank.

Pick a weakness that is not essential for the job, and a strength that matters. Remember that your interview presence should correspond with your words. Saying that you are an excellent listener and then interrupting the interviewers in the middle of their sentences won’t leave the right impression in the room…

More difficult questions await you in your interview

How would you convince the prospect to become a client of this bank? Give an example of you dealing with an irate customer and what you did to fix the problem?  Describe a situation when you had problems to communicate something to your boss or to your colleagues. Why should we hire you, and not one of the many other applicants for this position?

Your interview won’t be an easy ride, but I can help you to pass it. Have a look at my eBook, the Personal Banker Interview Guide. It includes multiple great answers to 20 most common interview questions for personal bankers, and more…. Check the samples on the product page.

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