What are your strengths and weaknesses?


People in an interview in a bank, they are having a good time, smiling. Two women and one man are on the picture, all of them wearing business outfitsNobody likes to talk about their weaknesses, especially if they try to convince someone to hire them for a job in a bank.

But the question is not as difficult as most job seekers believe.

You should simply talk about strengths that are relevant for the job, and weaknesses that are not essential for a role of a banker. Let me help you with your choice.

Good strengths:

  • communication skills
  • social skills
  • listening skills
  • ability to uncover the needs of the client
  • computing skills
  • sales skills
  • problem solving ability
  • observation skills
  • charisma
  • loyalty

Good weaknesses to mention:

  • over-friendly to clients
  • impatient in job
  • weak management skills
  • perfectionist
  • inability to make decisions independently
  • bad shape (physical condition)
  • no leadership skills


Excellent employees strive to improve on their weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. However, good job applicants are ready to admit their weaknesses, understand how they relate to their ability to handle the job, and try to improve on them.

Pick a weakness that is not essential for the job, and a strength that matters. Remember that your interview presence should correspond with your words.

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Dealing with conflicts, angry clients, disappointment, motivation issues. Question about your weaknesses is definitely not the only tough question you will face in your interview…

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