Why do you want to become a personal banker?

Man is counting money in his hands, we can see some 20 and some 50 dollars bills. We work because we need money. If we did not need them, we would not apply. But why personal banker, and not another position? That is what we try to understand with this question.

Try to talk about your enthusiasm for the job, about your predispositions to do it well (customer service skills, sales skills, knowledge of banking products, etc.), and about the value you can bring to the bank if we hire you.

Remember, it is not only what you say, but also how you say it. We should hear enthusiasm in your voice, we should really believe that you WANT this job.


Sample answers

My ultimate goal is to become a lead banker one day. But before it can happen, I need to understand all the processes and nuances of the daily job in a bank. This is the main reason for my application for personal banker position.

Every one of us has some skills and is good in doing something. I am good in pitching people, in uncovering their needs and desires and matching them with banking products. On the top of that, I’ve always had a great interest in financial products, in learning more about them. People want to do what they do well, what they enjoy doing. That is why I want to get the job of a personal banker, and did not apply for another role.

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