Why do you want to work for us, and not for another bank?

Building of a bank, beautiful scyscraper, nice weather, we can see palm trees in the picture as wellBanks try to differentiate from each other, with their branding, distribution, values, communication, and employee’s demeanor, since it is not easy to differentiate with the products they offer.

We understand that most job seekers send their applications to more banks, to improve their chances of getting a job. But we still want to hear that you have some reason why you prefer us and not one of our competitors (even if not true, and you do not really care where you will work).

Pre-interview research should help you find the answer to this question. Try to learn what makes our bank better, what customers say about us online, and how it all relates to your values and career. You can talk about the following reasons:

  • Good name and reputation
  • The way the personal bankers approach clients
  • Special position in certain area, market, or niche
  • Big nation-wide institution, or a small local institution
  • Best portfolio for certain demographic groups
  • Values, goals, and vision of that particular banking institution

Sample answers

A new personal banker is getting training from one of the managersYou offer the widest portfolio of banking products. I believe you cover the needs of all demographic groups, from students, through young couples to managers, businesses, and old people. I believe that I can serve the clients here better than in other banks, and that is why I prefer to work here.

Wells Fargo has the most branches of all US banks and from my personal experience, it is the bank that really cares about their clients. I like the philosophy of the bank, and I would be proud to work here. That is a reason for my application.

To be honest, I sent a job application to three other banks. However, this is my first choice, because I am a client of this bank, and I have been always satisfied with the service.

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